Nightmare – Paralysis Weird Dream

A few nights ago I had a dream, and everything seemed like a normal dream, but I felt like I had to take care of something. It was something related to a sin in the past, I didn’t think it was wrong, but as soon as I clicked the button and finished, that’s when the weird stuff started happening. So it made me think, maybe demons tempt us in our dreams to get us to do things, so they have a reason to do something to us. Most people have had dreams where they sin, and yes, if you’re just going along, you can argue it wasn’t really you. But I’m starting to think if you’re trying not to sin in the waking world, you will try not to sin in the dream world.

I used to lucid dream, and in order to do it, I would do things while I was awake, like looking at the clock, and so in my dreams I started to look at clocks. Your waking life starts to enter your dream life over time.

Either way, I’ll get on to what happened. I was lying on a couch, and I don’t remember lying down, it seemed immediate but I didn’t remember thinking that was weird either. Something was coming down the steps behind me, I saw it, as if I was outside of my body, though I could feel my body like normal on the couch, I couldn’t move, and the being was behind my head, but I could see it.

It looked like the alien in cocoon, except it was black/shady coloring and not bright at all. It had the mannerisms of a deranged 13 year old psychopath. He was pacing back and forth, like he was wondering how he was going to torture me.

I asked, “Who are you?” He continued on as if he didn’t hear me, so I asked again, “Who ARE YOU?” Again, no response to me. I don’t even know what made me say the next part, except that I’m used to saying Jesus’ name when I’m paralyzed. I just wanted him to tell me who he was, when I said it. I wasn’t saying it to wake up, because I didn’t realize I was sleeping.

I said, “In Jesus’s Name!” and woke up.

Solely on the fact that I woke up, I would say it was a Nephilim/Evil Spirit/Demon.